She Shed: Join The Movement

After the “Man Cave”, now comes the “She Shed”! Women are taking back control of their backyards, and we love it! This new movement consists of building, in your backyard,...

Trees: Decorative allies for your backyard

Spending time outdoors is part of the friendly and family rituals of Canadians. When the summer is coming up, we tend to have family BBQs and long evenings outside....
A pool house near a pool.

Pool House : #1 foundations is Screw Piles

No summer pool party is truly complete without a pool house to enjoy it! It provides a place to leave your swim gear, set up the barbecue grill, and...
Boathouse on screw piles

Boathouse with no worries with Postech

Building a boathouse is one of the more interesting construction challenges around. While one would think that a boathouse is nothing more than three walls without a floor, the...
You can see a chic-shack.

The chic-shack trend is still on!

You own an old cottage dating from the 70s and want to vamp it up? Or thinking of building a cozy vacation home surrounded by nature? The chic-shack trend...
You can see a white sunroom.

Build a Sunroom on Screw Piles

A sunroom is a great addition to almost any home. They add extra living space, with a light, airy atmosphere, which can be used to enjoy the outdoor view...
You can see a house in an unusual place.

5 unusual places to build your home

Where would you live in your wildest dreams? The most unusual and unheard-of house projects you could have imagined may not be as far fetched as you think.  Either it’s on an island, a distant field, or even in the mountains.  Let us open your eyes to various unusual places to build your house one more amazing than the other.   Life on an island  By Cabin Porn | Pinterest Surrounded by water,...
You can see a treehouse built on screw piles.

Playhouses on Screw Piles: Taking Treehouses to New Heights

What better place than a playhouse to escape the adult world and go on wonderful adventures? All children (and even parents) want one! Fall back into childhood by offering...
You can see a cottage on screw piles.

Cottages That Dreams Are Made Of

When fall arrives with its rainy and cold days, what could be better than relaxing at the cottage in front of the fireplace with a good book and hot...
Tidy your yard for the winter.

Tidy your yard for the winter, protect your piles

The first snows announce the beginning of a new season, and who says "new season", says it's time to tidy up. You've certainly enjoyed your outdoor living space this...