She Shed: Join The Movement

After the “Man Cave”, now comes the “She Shed”! Women are taking back control of their backyards, and we love it! This new movement consists of building, in your backyard,...

Trees: Decorative allies for your backyard

Spending time outdoors is part of the friendly and family rituals of Canadians. When the summer is coming up, we tend to have family BBQs and long evenings outside....
A pool house near a pool.

Pool House : #1 foundations is Screw Piles

No summer pool party is truly complete without a pool house to enjoy it! It provides a place to leave your swim gear, set up the barbecue grill, and...
Boathouse on screw piles

Boathouse with no worries with Postech

Building a boathouse is one of the more interesting construction challenges around. While one would think that a boathouse is nothing more than three walls without a floor, the...

FAQ : How much weight can a Screw Pile bear?

Several of you ask us: How much weight can a Postech Screw Pile support? To find out the answer to this question, we’re going to visit Rob Jackson from Postech...

FAQ : Why must we leave space between the ground and the structure?

Today we answer another frequently asked question: Why must we leave space between the ground and a structure? To find out the answer to this age old question, we're...

Everything You Need to Know: Comparing Mobile, Modular and Tiny Homes

The search for a small or mobile home can be long and confusing when you aren’t sure where to begin. You have also probably heard many different terms, from modular homes to mobile homes to manufactured homes...

FAQ : Can our Piles be install in rock?

A question often asked by our customers is: Can our Piles be install in rock? The answer is Yes and No. In this video answering this question, we explain each step...

FAQ : What happens when you hit a rock?

We are regularly asked : what happens when you hit a rock, boulders, or stones? In order to answer this question, we meet Rob Jackson, a certified PRO from Postech Muskoka who explained to us how installers bypass...
Dare to go black.

Dare to go black

Symbol of elegance and mystery, black is often forgotten when it comes to interior design. Yet, it agrees with a variety of colors and works with any style, if...