She Shed: Join The Movement

After the “Man Cave”, now comes the “She Shed”! Women are taking back control of their backyards, and we love it!

Trees: Decorative allies for your backyard

Spending time outdoors is part of the friendly and family rituals of Canadians. When the summer is coming up, we tend to have family BBQs and long...
A pool house near a pool.

Pool House : #1 foundations is Screw Piles

No summer pool party is truly complete without a pool house to enjoy it! It provides a place to leave your swim gear, set up the barbecue...
Boathouse on screw piles

Boathouse with no worries with Postech

Building a boathouse is one of the more interesting construction challenges around. While one would think that a boathouse is nothing more than three walls without a...
Cottage lakefront on postech piles

Screw piles : Best solution for cabin foundation

Cabins, whether built as a weekend getaway or as a hunting retreat, are usually built on some sort of piling. This helps keep the cost of...
You see a modern wooden tiny house.

Tiny houses: Rethinking Space and Storage

The popularity of tiny houses continues to grow as many people adopt a more minimalist way of living. Indeed, the increase in...
Boardwalk on screw piles

Boardwalks Built on Screw Piles : Solid & eco friendly!

Many parks, especially those which are created to allow us to commune with nature, provide boardwalks for their visitors, allowing them to walk through nature on a...

Gutters: Making The Right Choices For Your Home

Gutters are a must for your home. Whether you are building a new house or want to change your existing gutter, it is important to make...
Bollards on screw piles.

Bollards and Gaz Tanks : Security on screw piles!

The potential uses for Postech Screw Piles are virtually endless. Anything that needs a firm foundation can be placed upon our screw piles. Take bollards for example....