Choose your shed

Whether you have a garage or not, you probably need a shed.  Some are tiny and contain only garden essentials such as shovels, rakes, and lawnmowers, while others store sporting equipment, patio furniture, snowblowers, tools and so much more. There are several types of sheds, so let us go through them together so you choose which one best suits your needs.

FAQ : What happens when you hit a rock?

We are regularly asked : what happens when you hit a rock, boulders, or stones? In order to answer this question, we meet Rob Jackson, a certified PRO from Postech Muskoka who explained to us how installers bypass rocks when they are installing. As explained in the video, in most cases, the certified expert will slide along to top of the rocks with the tip

FAQ : Do your screw piles rust?

We often get asked: Do your screw piles rust?One thing is certain… our piles are protected. How come? Thanks to galvanization! Indeed, all Postech piles are hot-dipped galvanized according to the standard ASTM A123M. This standard is especially designed for the addition of a zinc coating (hot galvanization) on steel and iron products. What exactly is galvanizing?

FAQ : Must we complete certain verifications prior to having screw piles installed on our property?

Before welcoming our Postech Screw Piles installer on your property, you must make a few verifications. What’s important is that you know if there are certain installations buried on your property before installing the screw piles. This will avoid any inconveniences or surprises and ensure a safe installation for you and our installer.

Is it more beneficial to sell or expand your home?

Whether it’s the arrival of a new baby, teleworking, a home gym… these are some of the many reasons for wanting to expand your living environment. The solution : either expand your home or move. Of course, you must consider a few aspects before making such a decision.

FAQ : Can we install Postech Screw Piles ourselves?

We get asked this question on a regular basis. Can we install Postech Screw Piles ourselves? The answer is NO. For many reasons, Postech Screw Piles must be installed by a certified installer, who will have attended a complete training seminar, and have all the qualifications required to best guide you with your projects. For your renovation project, it is important to have a solid foundation for your structures. Make your investment count by trusting our professionals.

FAQ : Why Postech is so different?

« What distinguishes our Postech Screw Piles? » We answer this question weekly! In this video, you will meet Matthew Barrington from our Postech Screw Piles Head Office. He will explain a few of the many reasons you should put your trust in Postech.