You own an old cottage dating from the 70s and want to vamp it up? Or thinking of building a cozy vacation home surrounded by nature? The chic-shack trend can be your inspiration!

What is it? 

The chic-shack style is a decorative trend that is resurfacing more and more.  It symbolizes the ideal alliance between old and new. It’s the perfect description of the word cocooning, which is spending leisure time at home. We associate warmth, comfort, nature, zenitude, etc.  Simply put, this trend makes your shack (or cabin in the woods) much more chic and modern! 

A few tips 

Before getting started, it’s important to know the essential characteristics of the chic-shack.  This will allow you to plan-out what you really want.  Afterwards it will be easier for you to commence your project.  

Choose natural materials

Wood is a staple of this decorative style, as is stone. We are welcoming the forest in our home. Accessories such as wool, fur or wicker will harmonize perfectly with the environment.

Use neutral and light tones 

White, gray, beige, taupe… simple colors are used to obtain a relaxing ambience.  They also create a brighter room.

Favour light 

There is nothing more comforting than natural light. That’s why large windows are a must in your cottage so you can welcome nature’s light and let the sun shine through.

Accentuate rooms 

Every detail is important, because they add personality to the decor.  They will bring the final touch to your woodland landmark. 


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